Evelyn Vanderloock combines sophisticated style and surprising ideas to create perfectly hand-crafted jewellery.

Her Circle Line collection is another example of the jeweller's charming sets, a clever modular system that allows for astonishing combinations: a smoky quartz drop can embellish the ear one day and be an eyecatching bracelet the next. 

A strong porter ring with a smoothly-set amethyst is both pendant and clasp. Necklaces may be separated and worn as bracelets. Several bracelets can easily extend to form a longer necklace. Connections are never only a clasp or a necessity, Evelyn makes them a decorative element.

From Cologne originally, she has be en working in Hamburg for over twenty years, and her long experience isreflected in her choice of stones, and attention to their nuances and detailed qualities. For example, light green prasiolite and silver have a delicate and fresh look; rose quartz spheres and light grey-glossy cultured pearls make charming complementary contrasts to the skin.

Even classics like white pearls inspire Evelyn to create original jewellery pieces that surprise with their youthful look. Her Cueilleurs de Perles collection has akyoya pearls in modern gold settings with clean lines.

They flatter everyone who wears them.

"As a child I loved polishing shiny metal, even the stove tops in my grandma’s kitchen. After professional training and decades of working as a jeweller I still like forging gold and silver, whilst exploring new materials and technologies."